Nancy Fannon will be a presenter at the upcoming AICPA/AAML National Conference on Divorce in Las Vegas  on April 24 and 25th, 2014 at the Bellagio Hotel. 

Nancy Fannon on Her Presentation:

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About Nancy Fannon:

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Nancy Fannon is a partner in charge of litigation services at Meyers, Harrison & Pia, a firm specializing in business valuation, economic damages and litigation support services. Nancy has 25 years of professional valuation and damages experience and is a frequently retained expert and speaker on the topics of business valuation and economic damage valuation.  She has published two professional reference books on valuation and was inducted into the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Business Valuation Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement. She was also awarded Volunteer of the Year by the Institute of Business Appraisers in 2011 for her efforts to unify the standards of the valuation profession nationally. She is offering a white paper on valuation of corporations at the conference, and a newsletter subscription on her firm website 

What is the overall value for family lawyers and financial professionals who attend this conference?

I know for me, over the years, one of the most important things has been the networking opportunities because it’s attended by a large cadre of very prestigious, knowledgeable lawyers and experts who present on important and timely topics that we all need to know to successfully practice in this area. The sessions are always well rounded, well thought out, well prepared and put together and provide the attendees with very important information that they need for their practice.

Who do you think should attend?  Should it be just the senior level attorneys, the ones who are already dealing with the high net worth and complex divorce cases or do you suggest that other attorneys also attend who don’t have that experience?

I definitely suggest that you attend as early as you get into this particular niche practice because you can gain from the experience of others who have been doing this work for many years, not only lawyers but experts as well.

Can you touch on the subject areas of the three sessions you’re participating in at the conference?

Sure. Pretty broad across the three sessions I’m touching on some important issues for divorce valuation. One of the sessions I’m going to be speaking about tax affecting. Some of the listeners may recognize tax affecting as the so-called ‘S’ corporation issue which has been a very hot topic for a number of years now. We’ll be talking about what the latest research says and what the latest court cases are in that area. We’ll also talk about calculating discounts for lack of marketability, which is yet another hot topic for divorce valuation that applies in most states. There’s a lot of research out in that area as well.

The second session I’m going to be involved in is a hot topics panel. There are certainly many hot topics in divorce valuation, like whether you use fair value or fair market value in a particular state, how we calculate the increase in value due to marital effort, what you do when the court doesn’t accept certain valuation methodologies that the appraiser thinks are relevant, reasonable compensation and so forth. But all issues that come up a lot in valuation for divorce purposes.

The last session I’m going to be in is an expert witness session, particularly geared toward lawyers and how to use experts most effectively to make your case in court or even in the settlement process.

The Full Interview with Nancy Fannon:

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The 2014 National Divorce Conference will be held April 23-25, 2014 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NevadaDiscounts for Early Bird, AAML members, AICPA members and members of Divorce Marketing Group’s LinkedIn group “Marketing for Divorce Professionals” are now availableClick here to register.