Mobile Marketing is an Untapped Opportunity You Can’t Afford to Miss

If your website and advertisements aren't mobile-friendly,  you're missing out on a $25 billion opportunity to target mobile users directly.

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The Never-Ending Divorce: A Tale of Three Children

By Henry S. Gornbein: A Michigan custody battle makes national headlines and shows how it's the children who become the innocent victims, stuck in the middle of their parents’ dysfunction.  

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Representing the Emotionally-Abused Client in High-Conflict Divorce

By David T. Pisarra: Strategies for dealing with the targeted spouse in a high-conflict divorce when the abuser has a personality disorder.    

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Looking at the Value of Assets Over the Long-Term

By Nancy Osmond Popovich: Divorcing clients often struggle to understand the future value of certain assets. A financial expert can help the client (and sometimes, the attorney) to recognize which assets will offer the greatest long-term benefits.  

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Business Valuation when the Client is a Lawyer

Sylvia Golden, the Legal Editor at Business Valuation Resources, interviews prominent attorney Sanford K. Ain and business valuator Stuart Rosenberg about divorce and valuation related issues – especially when representing a lawyer who is going through divorce.

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Same-Sex Marriage – and Divorce

By Diana Shepherd: After a landmark decision by the US Supreme Court on June 26, same-sex couples can now marry – and then divorce – in every state.  

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to Help You Deal with Stress

By Dr. Mel Borins: Mindfulness meditation teaches us to approach each moment with more calmness, clarity, and wisdom.       

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