How Clients Benefit from Arbitration

Dale Console,  president of the New Jersey Divorce Arbitrators Association,  considers the various ways a divorcing couple could benefit by opting for arbitration.

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8 Misconceptions to Avoid in Managing and Collecting Accounts Receivable

By Jake Krocheski: Don’t fool yourself into thinking your firm has a results-oriented system in place when it doesn’t.

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5 New Health Rules

By Dr. Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro: Follow these 5 simple rules to improve your health – body, mind, and spirit.  

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The “Smart” Law Office

By Nicole Black: Whether it’s a connected “smart” office, voice recognition interfaces, or web-based and mobile law practice management software, 21st century lawyers are taking advantage of the latest technologies to streamline their law practices.

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At Trial, Words Matter

By Roger Dodd & Patricia Kuendig: How do you simplify your case’s “story” into one unified theme – and set it apart from all the other cases on the judge’s docket? The key is word selection.  

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4 Tips for Bringing Your Firm’s Technology Expenses Down

By Andres Hernandez: Steps that you can take to cut your technology expenses while still allowing your firm to grow and prosper.

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It’s Time to Reexamine Our Relocation Laws

By Sheryl J. Seiden: Today, the majority of courts consider the best interests of the child – including the importance of a relationship with the noncustodial parent – in determining relocation applications. However, some states are still using outdated laws that favor the parent seeking to relocate.  

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Reexamining Relocation Laws
D-Console-FLM3Financial-Matters2Health-&-Well-BeingTechnologyCourtroom-StrategiesBusiness-Coaching-BannerReexamining Relocation Laws
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